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Why Large Format Porcelain Slabs Are So Trendy In 2019

Why Large Format Porcelain Slabs Are So Trendy In 2019

Every year, there are new home trends and 2019 is seeing a rising increase in large format porcelain slabs! First popularized in Europe a few years back, this new trend seems to be everywhere these days – from design websites to interior magazines and more. People love the idea of utilizing large format porcelain slabs for a variety of construction projects given how amazing it looks as a result. From flooring projects to walls, counter-tops and more, you’ll be seeing large format porcelain slabs everywhere soon!

While creating an entire wall from marble slab or natural stone is impossible and crazy expensive given the amount of labor involved, large format porcelain slabs aren’t as complicated to use or as costly, either. Thanks to their rise in popularity, it’s fairly easy to obtain large format porcelain tile slabs for your remodeling or construction projects.

What Are Large Format Porcelain Slabs?

Why Large Format Porcelain Slabs Are So Trendy In 2019

Large format porcelain slabs come in a variety of sizes and can be custom-ordered to your exact sizing needs. However, they are usually available in sizes as big as 10’ x 5’. What makes them ideal for a variety of uses is how lightweight they are. The slabs measure at just about 6-12mm thick, making them easy to work with. Porcelain slabs are not marble despite looking like it. They are actually better than the dense natural stone since they are easier to care for and install. That’s why it can be used in places that you can never install marble in! Also, large format porcelain slabs are easier to transport and handle – even in such large sizes. You can opt to install large format porcelain slabs for a number of projects, including back-splashes, walls, tubs, fireplaces, patios and so much more.

Benefits Of Using Large Format Porcelain Slabs

Using large format porcelain slabs will save you time and money for all of your remodeling projects. But besides that, using it will also enhance the look of the project. That’s because there are a lot less joints and seams to work with when installing these massive slabs. Grout isn’t always easy to deal with and can be quit hard to clean and maintain. There’s a lot less grout needed with large format porcelain slabs, which is another perk many love about this material.

The installation is a lot easier because it doesn’t require tedious work. This saves you time and money on labor, allowing it to be installed in a day or two, depending on the project and use. Cleaning porcelain is also a breeze. You can use any multi-purpose cleaner you favor to wipe it down clean. You won’t have to use any special buffer or other product to clean it as you would with marble surfaces. It also won’t stain easily when you spill dark liquids or food on it. The material is also resistant to scratches and wear, lasting longer than other natural materials.

So when it comes to new remodeling or construction projects, think about using the large format porcelain slabs instead of other natural stone options!

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