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Trends In Kids Room Designs in 2019

Trends In Kids Room Designs in 2019

Trends In Kids Room Designs in 2019

Just as there are tons of décor trends for your home, you can’t forget about your children’s rooms! Why should every other room in your home look amazing, while their room is simply ordinary? There are tons of fun things to do for your children’s rooms and here are the latest trends you might want to follow and incorporate:

Gender-Neutral Rooms

If you have a boy and girl sharing a room, you obviously want to have some gender-neutral décor, which is a huge trend right now. Parents that might not have the space to provide them with bedrooms ultimately don’t have a choice, but they can create an amazing space that works for both their kids (or more). You’ll want to avoid the blue for boys and pink for girls color theme and opt for something that works for both genders. Selecting a neutral color for the walls will allow you to mix and match bedding sets that both the kids will love regardless if they’re for boys or girls. Also, continue a neutral palette for flooring, walls and furniture and then go with accents that each children love!

All Shades Of Gray

Gray is currently a top color of choice for kid’s room and that’s because it pairs so well with all sort of other colors. Parents are opting for gray walls, bedding and furniture and then adding in soft colors like pink, yellow or tangerine to offset the neutral color for a modern twist. And gray works for both boys and girls, making it a great color for shared rooms.

Wallpaper rooms

Parents are opting for statement rooms their kids will love, using wallpaper to make a bold statement. Whether it’s just an accent wall or the entire room, wallpaper is becoming a decorating favorite thanks to its versatility. It’s easy to install and remove and comes in every color, pattern and shape imaginable! Even if it’s just fun wallpaper decals, adding this to your child’s room will add some personality to the space.

Sophisticated Kids Rooms

Many parents are opting to create sophisticated spaces for their children so that it grows with them. These rooms are “kiddie” rooms and instead include items, colors and décor that can easily transition from babyhood to childhood. Of course, there are still kid-friendly elements, but the room isn’t designed to have an expiration date once a child reaches a certain age. All that changes is the accents and maybe furniture, while the overall vibe of the room remains unchanged.

Themed Rooms

To make it easier to design, parents are choosing one theme and sticking to it. But the trick here is not to overdo the theme or else the space can feel chaotic and cluttered. Accessories and accents that fit your theme work great, but just don’t make their entire room be superheroes or unicorns. Add in some other neutral elements to break up the theme and allow the space to breathe.

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