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Fusing modern American and European designing techniques to create beautiful kitchens.


Fusing modern American and European designing techniques to create beautiful kitchens.

Kitchen Cabinets

        Considered as one of the highlights of any kitchen, cabinets can tie the entire room together and give it a sense of personality. These storage areas combine form and function in order to help define the look of your kitchen. Milano Dezign offers high quality cabinets made in the USA in different designs and colors for you to choose from.

Types of Kitchen Cabinets

Base Cabinets 

They are standard kitchen cabinets seen in many homes and are usually installed beneath countertops. It can be customized in order to increase depth for more storage. Known as the “heavy lifters” of storage, they provide bulk storage for your pots and pans, cookware, cleaning supplies and many more. Pull out racks or roll trays provide convenient access. They also may be integrated with useful features like wastebaskets, laundry hampers and recycle bins.

Wall Cabinets 

These are usually installed above the stove and kitchen counters. How high they are installed is based on your personal preference. They are the workhorses of cabinetry as they provide the much needed storage above the base cabinets. They are perfect for accessing items needed while standing or moving about the kitchen.

Tall Cabinets 

Used in pantries and offer lots of space for storing different items. They can store or hide large or unwieldy items ranging from bulk food supplies, mops and brooms to your kids’ rain jackets and boots.

Showplace Cabinets 

Your home is unique. Discover cabinets that compliment your style and space. Showplace cabinets are essentially cabinets that inspire you and impress your guests. We offer different styles for you to choose from. Select from an array of traditional, ornate, transitional and contemporary cabinets. Give your kitchen that “showstopper” appeal with showplace kitchen cabinet design only from Milano Dezign.

Kitchen Cabinet Design

        Traditional design is popular for its inherent classic styles combined with a relaxing blending of textures and materials for the perfect cabinet.  Ornate cabinets evoke a sense of attention to detail. They can elevate your kitchen to a different level. Transitional combines the comfort of classical features with current and trending innovations and just finds the right balance to get the best of both traditional and contemporary designs. We use a neutral color palette that evokes space that is chic and stylish but also warm and comfortable at the same time.  Contemporary design  calls for sleek, clean lines and uncluttered space along with muted neutral colors or pops of bold color. If you are looking for something affordable but possesses beautiful finishes, strong construction and efficient design,

Milano Dezign offers signature pearl cabinets that can provide style to any kind of kitchen. Its cream painted finish and dark glaze can turn your kitchen instantly from drab to dab.  At Milano Dezign, we can recommend the best cabinet design and color for your space.

Classic Gray and Classic White Kitchen Cabinets

        Milano Dezign can harness the full potential of classic gray kitchen cabinets for your home. Gray cabinets are perfect for any kitchen because they evoke a feeling of anticipation for other aspects of the kitchen. You cannot wait to view the countertop, the backsplash not to mention the beautiful kitchen knobs and pulls. Gray lets other elements of the kitchen décor to take center stage.  It creates an atmosphere of style and luxury. It evokes an unmistakable  feeling of classic style and opulence. Gray cabinets can instantly transform your kitchen into a tranquil space of warmth and relaxation. Let Milano Dezign achieve this vision for your home.

        There is a reason why white kitchen cabinets have stood the test of time. The reason is pretty simple: It’s timeless. You simply cannot go wrong with white.  White kitchen cabinets evoke a sense of space especially for small kitchens.  White cabinets can evoke a  lighter and brighter feeling. There is a scientific basis for this fact and it is the Light Reflectance Value or LRV.  This is a measurement of how much light a color reflects and no color comes close to having the highest LRV value than white. White is perfect for kitchens that lack access to natural light.  Milano Dezign offers classic white shaker cabinets.  These cabinets feature a five-piece door and a recessed center panel. Choose from slab drawer fronts that are perfect for modern designs  or five-piece drawer fronts perfect for transitional kitchen designs.

Kitchen Backsplashes

        Milano Dezign can offer you an interesting array of backsplashes to brighten up your kitchen. Choose kitchen backsplash designs ranging from clean minimalistic to vintage. The primary purpose of backsplashes is to provide protection for the walls against water. However, they also provide a good focal point to define the style of your kitchen work area and allow your personality to be integrated into the kitchen to reflect the mood of your cooking area.

3D Kitchen Backsplashes

        Milano Dezign offers 3D backsplash tiles to give your kitchen that unique design texture and dimension that grabs light and allows it to dance and accent walls. Having roots in the classic relief sculptures of ancient classical buildings the raised surfaces offered by modern 3D tile featuring wavy ridges to concave shapes, offer a voluptuous treat for the eyes and the hands.  The color and shape of 3D tile reflect light and evoke a sense of movement making you want to run your fingers and feel the intricateness of their textures.

Subway Tile Backsplashes

        Following its debut in the subways of New York, the classic subway tile began appearing in all types of interiors from bathrooms, butcher shops and kitchens. Typically, any place that you prefer to be especially clean. The white and glossy finish and very thin grout lines is what exemplifies this as a staple in any modern kitchen.  The tile can be run in a horizontal pattern for more modern interiors, whereas the vertical pattern allows a sense of height and a twist on tradition.

Regardless of how you want it on your walls, let Milano Dezign give your kitchen that unique clean, stylish and modern look.



Kitchen Countertops

        The primary work area of the kitchen is exemplified by the kitchen countertop. Milano Dezign offers an array of beautiful and elegant materials such as: marble, quartz, mosaic tile, granite and even recycled glass.  Have some more design ideas? We have an interesting array of Cambria quartz that can integrate well with the modern look of your kitchen.

        Marble – There is nothing like the subtle sheen of a marble countertop. It exudes an aura of elegance that provides a timeless appeal to your home. The crisp brightness of natural stone countertops  provides a luminous glow that no other material can match. Milano Dezign also offers fantasy brown marble countertops featuring smooth, diagonal lines of translucent gray and white mixed with swirls of faint pastels. Closely resembling quartzite, it offers hardness and durability perfect for a busy kitchen.  A definite classic, elegant yet durable look for your kitchen in Ellicott City.

        Quartz – Known for its strength, durability and beauty, quartz countertops is giving granite a run for its money. Quartz countertops are virtually indestructible due to the sophisticated manufacturing process that creates them.  This is a material you want if you prefer a low maintenance countertop. Engineered quartz is composed of natural stone combined with polymer resins.

        Mosaic Tile – This is the material you want if you want to create big splashes of vibrant colors in your kitchen. Milano Dezign can provide you with a good collection of mosaic tile patterns that is perfect for your work area. This material works best in contemporary kitchens. The diverse design options using mosaic countertops add a lot of character and uniqueness to your kitchen.

        Granite – Definitely one of the most popular materials for kitchen countertops. Try walking into any modern kitchen and you’ll see that the number one sought after material is the granite countertop. Known to be strong, durable and elegant looking, granite countertops are also perfectly flat.  They are perfectly great for making cookies or rolling out dough on a flat surface. It is amazingly heat resistant and therefore quite ideal for cooking purposes. Milano Dezign also offer unique leather granite countertop designs that give granite a unique twist.  Leathered stone is finished using a diamond crusted bristle brush to give your kitchen countertop a great feel and modern look.  Leathered stone offers lower maintenance from fingerprints, watermarks and crumbs and is perfect for busy homeowners that do not always have time to clean up.

        Wood – The butcher block countertop is made from straight cuts of wood that are glued tightly into slabs in order to create a sturdy and solid countertop for your kitchen.  Maple is the type of hardwood used for this purpose as it is strong, has a clear grain and sturdy enough to withstand daily use.  This material evokes a rustic warmth and timeless appeal that is perfect for a cozy country, cottage or a traditional style kitchen.

Milano Dezign has everything you need to transform your kitchen from drab to fab. Allow us to help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen Sinks

        In the kitchen, the sink is probably the most important workplace as more than half of the time spent is at the sink. Food prep, washing and cutting are highly important tasks in cooking, which is why these tasks are done as efficiently as possible and there is no kitchen appliance that can do it for you. Milano Dezign can help you choose the right sink for your home kitchen.   We offer a world of options that includes sensible space utilization, ease of handling and cleaning and ergonomic design features to ensure best usage.

Farm Sinks

        Also known as the farmhouse sink, they are not only pleasing from an aesthetic standpoint but also highly functional.  The farm sinkdoes not feature additional counter space to reach or lean over which makes it quite comfortable to stand at. This is quite useful for folks that spend hours in their kitchen sink. The styles available offer deep sinks to keep dishes concealed from view until you are ready to wash them.  The immense size of farm sinks make it a breeze to wash large pans, pots and even your pets and small kids too.

Vegetable Sinks

        Milano Dezign also offers vegetable sinkswhich makes food prep and cleanup more convenient. It is usually installed as a secondary kitchen sink. It is also known as a wet-bar sink or entertainment or prep sink.  Normally measuring around 15-25” long and around 15” wide and 5-6” deep, they are often round or square shaped and is normally made from stainless steel or high quality copper. Perfect as a secondary sink or as a main sink for very small kitchens where every inch of space matters.

Under Mount Sinks

        Under mount sinkscreate a seamless look for your kitchen. They are attached to the underside of the countertop. Due to this feature, there is no raised edge or lip on the top of the counter and hence it can prevent food and debris from collecting. Under mount sinks make cleaning your kitchen counter a breeze. They enhance the style of your kitchen and offer a sophisticated streamlined clean look.  The faucets are normally installed in the counter just behind the sink or the on the wall.

Cast Iron Sinks

        Normally composed of two layers, the foundation layer is heavy, made from durable iron alloy and then coated with a thick enamel top layer. As a unit, the layers make cast iron sinksquite impervious to practically anything and with a lustrous finish to boot.  If you are looking for durability and beauty in your kitchen sinks nothing comes close to the dependability and look that cast iron sinksprovide. The heavy foundation mean these things can withstand a lot of abuse. The material can also retain heat quite well, which is good if you are washing dishes by hand.

Stainless Steel Sinks

        Normally associated with industrial style kitchens, stainless steel sinks can work for almost any kitchen style there is.  Normally, denoted by the chrome-to-nickle ratio, the higher percentage, the better the stainless steel grade. Stainless steel sinksnormally range from gauge 16 to gauge 22. They are durable, nonporous and can be cleaned with almost no effort.  In spite being associated with industrial kitchen styles, they work can work well with every kitchen style known. They are resistant to heat, corrosion, rust and stains, which makes them the ideal kitchen material for practical every day, use. Also, if dishes are dropped inside, they are less likely to shatter as opposed to dropping them in say a cast iron sink.  Lastly, stainless steel sinks are very affordable making them the obvious choice for the budget conscious.

Corner Sinks

        Corner sinksare great for maximizing use of every available space in the kitchen.  Quite unconventional in nature, they can easily turn an unused corner into an active kitchen area.  This option is perfect for kitchens with dead corner spaces. Trust Milano Dezign to help you setup a corner sink for your kitchen. The sink can help free up more counter space for a tiny kitchen, which means you get more prep space and longer counters. Corner sinks can be ergonomically designed adding more value for your kitchen.

Kitchen Island Sinks

        Kitchen island sinksare slightly smaller than traditional kitchen sinks, which means you have more counter space to use for your food preparation.  The space beneathkitchen island sinksmay be used for storage.  For instance, you can use the space beneath as a bar sink cabinet that can store mixers and liquor. Installation of a kitchen island sink is also not as expensive if your utilities are already three.

Drainboard Sinks

        Quite popular in Europe, drainboard sinks are a staple of budget kitchen renovations for apartments, condos or any home with small kitchen space.  What makes drainboard sinksa cut above the rest is they do a splendid job at ensuring the countertop stays clean and dry.  They free up the second side of twin-basin sinks. As opposed to using up a perfectly good basin of a large or double-basin sink to dry your plates, you can place the dryer on top of the drainboard.  They are quite adept at keeping the counter clean and dry because they contain the water and propel it directly into the sink and down the drain.

Top Mount Sinks

        Top mount sinks are perfect for any surface and is not limited by the size of the cabinet. It protects the edges of the countertop especially if it is made from delicate material such as marble. Top mount sinks are quite easy to install and meets simple sink prerequisites. Moreover, they are easy to replace as it is only a matter of lifting it from its encasement.

Single Basin Sinks

        Single basin sinks are excellent for any size kitchen but they are quite perfect for small sized kitchens that only have limited counter space. These sinks are just big enough to wash large pots and pans including sheet pans too. They are quite versatile in the sense that say you have a section of hot, soapy water, you can easily place a temporary dish basin in the sink. Moreover, large single basin sinks eat up fewer counter space making it ideal for small kitchen setups.


Kitchen Islands Design Options

        Kitchen islands are a core element in many modern kitchens. Islands provide an aesthetic, functional and practical purpose to any kitchen layout be it big or small. They can be customized with an endless array of options to provide dozens of timesaving and convenient possibilities for storage, display and food preparation. At Milano Dezign of Ellicott City we can provide you with kitchen island designs to suit your needs and budget. Regardless if your kitchen is big enough to accommodate large kitchen islands complete with table-style seating or cozy enough to integrate a smaller but no less functional and beautiful island to perform a specific task, trust only Milano Dezign to offer you the most suitable design choice for your space.

Features You Can Include in your Kitchen Island

        At the basic level, a kitchen island offers a counter and storage space where you need them the most. They offer a pivot point between the cooking, cleaning and food prep areas. They can be outfitted with kitchen island additions such as a sink, cooktop or bar stools for dining and instantly you have a space that can become the hub of activity. Perfect for any busy household.

Kitchen Island Designs

Cooking and Entertaining

        If you absolutely love cooking and entertaining your guests at the same time, then the best kitchen island design for you may include a cooktop, microwave cabinet, full sink or bar sink, under-counter refrigerator or a coffee section. The seating may be raised so as to create a bistro-like ambience. Alternatively, you can have some cozy seating installed on one side.

Meals for the Family

        They typical American household is a bustling household that requires an area where food can be prepped and served for everyone in the family.  The great thing about kitchen islands is it can also become your family’s eating space. A lot of families actually make use of an island more than the dining room for everyday family meals, the island may be used in conjunction with a kitchen table to use space more efficiently and therefore lets more than one person or cook to move about with ease around the kitchen area.

Kitchen Island Shapes

  • L-Shaped – This kitchen island type easily can ebb and flow with the shape of your kitchen or it can fill it with space for additional prep space and storage. L-shaped islands are usually large and with ample storage for all your kitchen appliances and their corresponding accouterments. The large design means that there is no crowded work area, which can be a huge advantage for households where there is more than one cook. There is enough space to accommodate bar-style seating arrangements.
  • U-Shaped – Every chef probably dreams of having a u-shaped island at home as the area can provide three walls of cabinetry and appliances enough to skyrocket the efficiency of any kitchen setup. U-shaped islands are highly functional and generous with space. There is ample room for seating and storage. The ample space means you do not have to exit the island when prepping meals. Large kitchen islands are generally u-shaped.
  • Galley Type –  A straightforward, no-nonsense design. The galley island kitchen is the workhorse of any kitchen setup and is perfect for any kind of layout.  They are considered the quintessential island design for open-concept kitchens, the galley type design makes sure that the space flows and maintains efficiency using a streamlined design. Galley kitchens maximize storage space as there are no corners or curves to speak of.  There is always easy access to your appliances and stored items and bar-style seating is convenient.
  • Circular – If you want to add a certain flair to your kitchen setup, then a circular island design may be the one for you. You can go full or half-moon depending on your style, space and preference.  Circular islands are great because they offer more room to move around during your meal prep and they can also incorporate expansive seating sections that allow enough room for four or more guests to sit in comfort to eat and converse with complete ease.
  • Rolling Islands – If space is an issue, then a rolling island is your best bet. You can easily whisk them around your kitchen and tuck them neatly when you are finished. Rolling islands are versatile and a godsend for smaller kitchen setups. They can function as a worktop, food tray or extra space for your ingredients.
  • Furniture-Style – Considered unconventional by many, this design can make your kitchen look and feel like your home’s number one hangout destination. There is a wide range of possibilities that may include an antique set of drawers or even a customized design piece. The intricate detail and decorative nature of this kitchen island style will never fail to catch the attention of your guests.

Double Island Kitchen

        If you have the space then a double island kitchen is something you may want to look into for your kitchen renovation.  A double island design can provide your kitchen with a different look but with the same functionality.  For instance, one island may be topped with marble to make it standout while the rest use limestone countertops. Regardless of how different they look, from a design perspective both islands work in unison to provide you with enough space to prepare and serve your food. A double island kitchen also lets you entertain like a pro if you incorporate elongated counter spaces. This means that there is a large surface area on two separate islands so you can setup all your equipment, assemble your ingredients and not have to worry if there is no ample space for plating your meals.  Plus, incorporation of two sinks make cleanups very quick.

Large Kitchen Islands

        Large kitchen islandsgive you the space and storage you need for your big household. A large island setup means you can have space for a double kitchen island or a u-shaped island or L-shaped variant. Plenty of storage space for your kitchen appliances, accessories and can allow you to have all your cooking needs from ingredient prep, cook time to plating and cleanup needs in one area.  When designing a large kitchen island for your home Milano Dezign can help you choose the right size and design to allow for efficient cooking and  movement.

Kitchen Island Additions

        Milano Dezign can help you get the most out of your kitchen island setup with creative kitchen island additions to maximize storage, functionality and look of your setup. Kitchen island additionscan add utility and organization by giving your island a purpose. For instance, if you intend to use the island as a mini-bar too, the addition of a chandelier or some decorative light fixture directly above the island can instantly create ambience you need. If the island is strictly for meal preparation or for your baking needs, the addition of inside cabinet accessories like a heavy-duty mixer lift, door mounted cutting board and trimmable knife block are options.

Kitchen Skylights

        Any modern kitchen requires ample lighting and ventilation.  Kitchen skylights are perfect for any kitchen setup as they can provide adequate bright natural light to your kitchen without sacrificing space.  Since skylights are positioned on your roof there are more spaces to add cabinets to your kitchen setup without losing the natural light. Since cooking produces odors and heat, kitchen skylightsprovide the necessary ventilation you need to help dissipate the heat generated from your stove or oven and it also lets the cool, crisp air flow and circulate all throughout the room to remove odors. All the natural light bathing your kitchen means there is hardly any need to use artificial lighting except at nighttime or when the weather is bad. This leads to lower utility costs on your part. Milano Dezign of Ellicott City, MD offers superb skylight designs that pulls in clean light that enhances the functionality of your kitchen.

Types of Kitchen Skylights

        There are three types of skylight designs that maybe used for your kitchen setup.  These are the fixed, ventilating and the tubular variant. Each type of skylight can brighten your kitchen to bring light into dark areas.

Fixed Skylight

        Among the different types of kitchen skylight this is one of the most popular. This can be installed in an area if you want additional light only and it does not open. The fixed skylight provides good natural light for your kitchen and is usually installed directly above the middle of the room.  The fixed skylight is the classic skylight design that is perfect for any kitchen that wants to grab natural light from the environment.

Ventilating Skylights

        Also known as “roof windows” this is the best type of kitchen skylights available.  It can be opened to provide ventilation and air to the kitchen. There are a number of different styles of ventilating skylights, which can be opened either manually or via an electronic switch. They can remove excess moisture to prevent mold formation and get rid of odors as well as provide a steady flow of air and natural light to the room. These can be operated using a remote control, a manual or via a motorized hand crank and even a temperature controlled sensor.

Tubular Skylights

        These are the newest ones that hit the market recently. Also known s “light tubes” or simply “sun pipes” they are small, domed skylights paired with a reflective metal tube; the combination of which offers a dramatic difference in the amount of light. Tubular skylights come with unique features like a dimmer switch in order to regulate the amount of daylight. It can also be installed with a ventilation fan to remove excess moisture and odors from your kitchen.





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