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Milano Dezign is proud to be authorized dealer for many of the brands we carry in terms of Cabinetries, Vanities, Countertops, Flooring, Hardwares and Faucets. You can see all those brands in our showroom.

Ultracraft Cabinets

Ultracraft Cabinets

Ultracraft Website

UltraCraft specializes on full overlay, full access cabinetry that provides the aesthetic as much as the functionality. UltraCraft cabinets give you 15% more usable space than other manufacturers, you will be able to fit more items in your existing floor plan. Customization is also one the things UltraCraft cabinets are known for. They come in a wide selection of materials, styles and color. These cabinets can also be fitted with the latest in ergonomic and functional hardware accessories as well as the newest organizational accesories that can make this space your own. UltraCraft is also mindful of the environment. Being a certified brand in the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association Environment Stewardship Program, the company demonstrates an ongoing commitment to sustainability by sourcing materials that have low impact in the environment and also minimize environmental impacts realized through recycling wastes and using low emission coatings.

Wolf Designer Cabinets

Wolf Cabinets Website

The Wolf Designer Cabinets are the best option for anyone who wants to put some personal style in their kitchen or bathroom. With over 50 door styles, a variety of finish options and a wide assortment, you won’t be running out of options in designing and maximizing your space. Built from premium quality materials, Wolf Designer Cabinets can withstand the wear and tear even in the busiest kitchens. With a proven track record for accuracy, Wolf Designer Cabinets are made as indicated and we will delivered when you need it. No two projects are alike. Wolf Designer cabinets can be customized according to your tastes and needs. Choose from a wide range of stains, glazes and paint options, surely these cabinets will easily blend in with your homestyle. Have a special shade of blue you like as accent? Not to worry because these cabinets can be easily customized to your liking. Do you like to entertain at home? Have a thing for cooking? Wolf Designer cabinets have more than 40 different storage solutions available that can maximize space, keep clutter low at the same time provide a place for everything. With Wolf Designer cabinets, you are guaranteed that they are functional, durable as well as stylish.

Medallion Cabinets

Medallion Website

Medallion cabinets are made to be the reflection of your personal style. Whether it be traditional, contemporary or modern, there is a Medallion cabinet that will fit your style choice. Medallion cabinets are not only confined to the kitchen, there are also options for bathroom, dining room, library, and more. Making your style cohesive in every room of your house. Medallion cabinets come in three distinct product lines – Platinum, Gold, and Silverline. Exquisite intricate designs. Superior workmanship. The Platinum line exudes all that and more. Made from 3/4-inch solid wood face frames and in 3/4-inch maple plywood construction. It features quiet close doors and drawers, an extensive modifications, and available in a wide variety of stains, glazes, paints and distressed finishes. Personalized craftsmanship. Functional design. This is what distinguishes the Gold line. It is made from 3/4-inch solid wood face frames and 1/2-inch laminated furniture board construction. Just like the Platinum line, it comes in an array of modifications and finish selections. Practical functionality with elegant design the Medallion Silverline cabinetry adds value to your home. It is available in full overlay or half overlay and selected styles made from 3/4 inch solid wood frame and 1/2 laminated furniture board construction. Though it is available in limited modifications, rest assured that there is an option that will fit your style.


KithKitchens Website

Kith Kitchens is a family owned business that prides itself for delivering exceptional cabinetry made from high quality materials that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. They offer custom designs that can perfectly fit the look you want to achieve as well as the functionality you want your kitchen to have. Kith Kitchens is all about customization. They offer the widest selection of style, finishes and also storage solutions that can fit your every need. Kith Kitchens make sure that they process natural resource effectively and recognizes that its protection is essential to the long term stability of the environment. Kith Kitchen also guarantees timely delivery of order keeping in mind that time wasted means money wasted.

FabuWood Cabinets

FabuWood Website

They say that the kitchen is the heart and soul of a home. FabuWood cabinets offers a range of styles, materials, and finishes available it is sure have one that fits your specific taste and needs. FabuWood cabinets prides itself of building luxury kitchen affordable keeping in mind comfort, quality as well as efficiency. FabuWood cabinets have found the balance between style and price transforming tradition and modern homes, large and small, inside and out across the United States. When you get your FabuWood cabinets, you are assured that it is the finest quality at its price point. Every FabuWood cabinet is made from the finest raw materials carefully selected to ensure there is consistent quality and uniformity of appearance. It goes through 12 individual element quality assurance process making sure that what you are getting is uncompromisingly solid and reliable.

Showplace Wood Products

Showplace Wood Website

Showplace cabinetry combines design flexibility, product quality, expressive creative options in their products. Because Showplace is an employee-owned company, you are rest assured that every product was made with careful consideration to maintain quality work. With a wide variety of colors, finishes, organizational accessories and accents, and door styles it is unlikely for you not to find that will fit your home style at an affordable price. Have a hard time deciding?Visit your local Showplace Cabinetry dealer to help you plan out your dream kitchen. If there is no local dealer near your place, a visit tot their website you’ll find helpful articles that can guide you to make those decisions. There are also articles about remodeling suggestions if you are going to update your existing kitchen.

MSI Quartz

MSI Quartz Website

The MSI Q countertops installed by Milano Dezign are sleek and stylish. Glamorous, mod colorways, and long lasting durability are just some things you can expect from Q Premium Natural Quartz. Your friends and neighbors will be envious and the look will last forever as it is classic. MSI Quartz kitchen countertops is a league of their own. They embody modern elegance with the mix of natural and manufactured materials to achieve superior style and performance. MSI Quartz countertops are available in over 60 scratch, heat and strain resistant styles, surely you can find the style you like for your kitchen. Every MSI Quartz countertop is manufactured using patented Bretonstone system where they integrate natural and manufactured materials making it scratch and stain resistant. It comes with a warranty so you are assured that it will keep looking new for years to come.

Cambria Countertops

Cambria Website

The Cambria brand is often associated with superior performance, unmatched beauty and world class service. Every Cambria countertop from Quebec quartz that is harder than granite or marble making it more durable. It is less likely to scratch, stain or chip for years to comes. Unlike granite and marble that requires regular sealing the polishing, Cambria countertop is maintenance-free. All you need to do is wipe it down with warm water and mild soap. Another amazing quality of a Cambria countertop is its nonporous and nonabsorbent feature. It won’t draw in moisture from raw or leftover food which can be a source of harmful bacteria. Majority of the Cambria countertop available in the market is probably sourced in the company’s mine in Quebec. Each sourced quartz is guaranteed to reflect outstanding features you won’t find anywhere else. Aside from the outstanding product Cambria produces, they are also known for its customer service. Their customer service representatives are always available to ensure that you are happy with their products.

Silestone by Cosentino

Silestone by Cosentino Website

With 25 years of experience under its belt, Silestone by Cosentino is the undisputable leader in kitchen and bathroom countertops. Silestone is made of more than 90% natural quartz which means that it is scratch, stain as well as chip resistant. It is guaranteed that it is durable and can withstand the busiest of kitchens. Because of its nonporous and nonabsorbent quality, it warrants that it is hygienic and requires almost zero maintenance. Every Silestone by Consentino countertop receives a special treatment that enhances the resistance from every day abuse that liquid spills, stains or scratches will be the least of your concerns. With over 50 colors available in different textures and formats, Silestone by Consentino countertops can make your dream space easy to achieve. N Boost by Silestone is a special treatment on the countertops in the molecular level that enhances its technical properties making cleaning and maintenance easier to compared with other brands.

Kohler Faucets

Kohler Faucets Website

Whether in the bathroom or in the kitchen, Kohler faucets are thoughtfully designed to contribute to the overall beauty and efficiency to a space. They come in a variety of finishes and designs, Kohler faucets can fit with every aesthetic possible. Kohler faucets offer a wide range of types such as pull-down or pull-out ones for the kitchen as well as sink faucets for the bathroom. Kohler faucets have specialty varieties as well, such as pot fillers, water filtration faucets, touch-less faucets for the kitchen and shower, bathtub, and bidet varieties for the bathroom. Kohler faucets take out the guesswork when it comes to installation. You can easily find a local Partner Network professional that can deliver the best service and have in-depth knowledge that is trusted and backed by Kohler.

Kohler Tubs & Sinks

Kohler Tubs & Sinks Website

After a long tiring day, you just want to come to a space where you can relax and be at peace. Sink in to a Kohler bathtub and soak in a nice warm bubble bath. For some people, relaxing can come in the form of cooking and prepping home meals. Having the right sink that can accommodate your needs in the kitchen will surely help you be in your element. Kohler offers a variety of tubs and sinks that can help you achieve the look you want for your bathroom or kitchen. Add drama and luxe to your bathroom by putting in a free standing bathtub complete with gilded clawfoot. How about your own spa retreat in the comfort of your home? Kohler has bathtubs that features VibrAcoustic technology where sounds from concealed speakers send sound waves through the water to gently massage your body. Chromatherapy is another cool feature of some Kohler bathtubs. At the side of the basin, calming colored lights illuminate the tub to soothe and calm you. Kohler sinks are designed to increase your efficiency around the kitchen. Kohler kitchen sinks comes in a variety installation types, material, cabinet fit as well as bowl configuration. And installation is a breeze! You can find a local Partner Network professional that has the knowledge on the product and will deliver best service that Kohler knows and trusts.

Grohe Faucets and Showerheads

Grohe Website

GROHE is known for innovative, design-driven and award-winning kitchen and bathroom fixtures in the market. The company is the leader in casting, electroplating, assembling, sanding and finishing fixtures that makes its products stand out. The engineering, innovation and design of these fittings are firmly anchored in Germany, GROHE products carry the badge of quality “Made in Germany” therefore strengthening the customers’ confidence in the brand. Over the past decade, GROHE has been awarded over 240 design and innovation awards solidifying its foothold in the residential and commercial construction industry. GROHE make use high-precision production engineering to ensure compliance with the highest standards it has set for itself. GROHE offers the widest range of bathroom products for all draw-off points and in three styles: Cosmopolitan, Contemporary, and Authentic. Each style has a distinct look and characteristic to satisfy a variety of aesthetics. One of the notable products of GROHE is the GROHE Power&Soul shower with its seven “one-click” feature for invigorating and relaxing spray patterns. Just like any good meal, it needs the right combination of ingredients, cooking techniques as well as plating. GROHE kitchen faucets is made with the right mix of the finest material and the latest industry-leading design. You are assured the every GROHE kitchen faucet will deliver reliable perfomance every day.

Ella Countertops

Ella Countertops Website

Ella countertop is part of the Marble Collection of Cambria. It takes its inspiration from the linear configuration of buildings in the rural village of Ellastone in England. The Ella countertop slab showcases a lattice work of lines and intersections in a marbled dove-gray background a perfect compliment to any kitchen. The Ella countertop is available in Cambria Matte and high gloss finish. Each finish offers incredible beauty as well as unparalleled durability with no maintenance, easy-care convenience and topnotch stain resistance. The Cambria Matte provides a silky smooth and low sheen finish while the high gloss offers a radiance all its own as the center piece of any room or space. Though it looks and feels luxurious, the Ella countertop is easy to care for. It never needs sealing or polishing. Just use a damp cotton cloth and mild soap during those occasional rub down.

Britannica Countertops

Britannica Countertops

Brittanicca counter is part of the Marble Collection luxury series of Cambria.

Dekton Countertops

Dekton Countertops Website

Dekton counters are the premier choice of people who have discerning taste. Since it is in one piece, you are assured that it is a completely uniform space that does not require cuts or joints making it fit seamlessly with any design style. Dekton counters are resistant to stains, scratch, and also to abrasions. Dekton counters can meet the demands of the busiest kitchens and still look beautiful. Dekton counters are also ideal to use for outdoor kitchens. Having a barbeque party at home? Putting a lot of drinks at the bar? Dekton counters have the maximum resistance to fire and heat amongst all counters available. Because it is in one single piece and made from quality material, spills and condensation from your glassware will not seep in the counter as Dekton counters are virtually zero water absorption. After all this abuse of your outdoor kitchen rest assured that the colour of your counter will remain as if you have bought it yesterday. Since Dekton counters have zero water absorption quality and retains its color well, they are also an ideal material for bathroom counters. Personalize your bathroom with different styles, textures and colors that Dekton counters can deliver.

Dekton Flooring

Dekton Flooring

Dekton Ultra-Compact tile for flooring and wall coverings are the choice of people who love luxury as well as durability. Having gone through 3rd party TCNA standards, the Dekton flooring has surpassed results of Porcelain tile. This is the choice of architects and designers who prefer large format tiles in their projects. Flooring is the most abused component of any residential much more in commercial projects. Ingress and egress of people and equipment, spillage and scratches can take a toll on flooring. Good thing Dekton flooring is highly scratch resistant, stain resistant, and high UV resistant. Dekton large format tiles comes in a wide range of colors, size and thickness readily available for those who have discerning needs and demands.

EVO Countertops

EVO Countertops Website

Showplace EVO cabinets are made for those who have sophisticated taste. With over 50 door styles and wood species and stains, it is easy to customize your home to your liking. Door styles such as Cambridge, Channing and Sterling are perfect for a traditional space while Arlington, Chesapeake and Heritage suit to the contemporary. Just head over to Showplace EVO cabinets local dealer to know more of the different door styles. Cherry wood used in Showplace EVO cabinets is warm toned that naturally darkens with age that is fine grained and has a flowing, random pattern of swirls. Another good option for a Showplace cabinet is Red Oak. It has a prominent, distinctive grain character that show tiny rays and flowing patterns. It makes good cabinets because it has high shock resistance.

Wolf Classic Cabinets

Wolf Classic Cabinets Website

Wolf classic cabinets offer timeless design styles and storage that can make your kitchen beautiful and functional. Made from high quality materials without the steep price, Wolf classic cabinets have three distinct series – Impact, Insight, and Expression series. Wolf classic cabinets are available in different styles, finishes, features and more that meet your every need. These cabinets are hand-crafted by talented woodworkers who combine their years of expertise and the latest in manufacturing technologies. Solid hardwood components are used as well as state-of-the-art finishing system to create a beautiful and long-lasting work. Like any other Wolf products, the Wolf classic cabinets have above industry standard warranty and the assurance that you will receive quality products.

Hardware Resources

Hardware Resources Website

Hardware Resources started their business in 1989 where they design, engineer and manufacture products for kitchen, bath, and closet industries. Everything you need for your kitchen, bath and closet Hardware Resources definitely has something for you. From decorative parts such as knobs, hinges, and pulls to functional items like drawer slides, screws, and shelf supports you are assured that these items are of quality and developed by professionals Hardware Resources also manufactures organization accessories for the kitchen, bath, and closet. Want to maximize that corner closet? A lazy Susan for your pots, pans and even lids would be the best solution for the spot. Do you like using a lot of spices, dried herbs and condiments in your cooking? A pantry swing cabinet will be the best solution to keep them in one place. All of these things are available at Hardware Resources. Hardware Resources is very proud to say that they design, engineer and manufacture their products. They value their customers that they give out a lifetime warranty to most of their products. Hardware Resources have attractive pricing at every quality level because they ship directly to their customers. You are rest assured that what you need is readily available to you because their inventory can support 99% fill rates and products are stocked in 6 warehouses. Their fast, friendly and competent customer service representatives are always their to assistant to every inquiry you might have.

Elkay Sinks & Faucets

Elkay Sinks & Faucets Website

Elkay is owned and operated by the same American family since 1920. For almost a century, Elkay has been the leading innovator and manufacturer of stainless steel sinks for residential and commercial use. The company’s engineering and manufacturing methods continue to evolve and has set industry standards. Aside from steel sinks, Elkay also provides precision engineering to quartz, copper, fireclay, cast brass, as well as CuVerro Antimicrobial Copper sinks. Elkay sinks come in different types – undermount, top mount, dual or universal mount, farmhouse and corner are just some that they manufacture. They can also make custom sinks and countertops that requires some customization. Having trouble deciding for the ideal sink? Head over to their website to help on decide on the perfect sink that’ll fit your needs. You can pick out the type, material, size as wells the accessories that is available. Elkay faucets are designed and engineered from the best grade materials for maximum performance. They have a wide range of products for both residential and commercial use. Aside from offering a variety of styles, Elkay faucets are classic sculptures accenting the your homes and showcasing your personal aesthetic.

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