Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

Fusing modern American and European designing techniques to create beautiful kitchens.

Milano Dezign and Remodeling Center of Ellicott City, MD knows that the kitchen has evolved from an area where food is made and served to a multi-purpose area that the entire family can enjoy together. Whether you have a small or large kitchen, we believe that your kitchen is always an integral part of your home. Therefore, we make it our goal to give you the best kitchen remodeling plan suited to your taste, lifestyle and budget. At Milano Dezign, our team of professional designers can help you make the most out of your available space.  We can also provide you with a plan to reclaim other spaces to add to your kitchen.  We believe that kitchen remodeling should optimize functionality, efficiency, style and durability.

Stress-Free Kitchen Remodel

Here at Milano Dezign we know how you rely a lot on your current kitchen to prepare your meals and feed your family. We know that remodeling work can make it inconvenient for you to do this with ease. It is our goal to provide you with  stress-free and mess-free remodeling so that the inconvenience on your part will be minimized. Our staff of highly trained professionals knows and respects the integrity of each client’s home. We make it a point to ensure that we protect your furnishings while performing our work and clean up after at the end of each day. We shall make our presence in your home as unobtrusive as possible.

Milano Dezign Kitchen Remodel in Ellicott City

Stunning Kitchen Layouts

We shall provide you with a stunning array of kitchen layouts that can work best given the available space in your home.  Popular kitchen layouts include the one-wall kitchen, galley or corridor, U-shaped, G-shaped and L-shaped kitchen.

One Wall Kitchen

Works best for small homes and is best for keeping your appliances, cooking implements and ingredients within easy reach.  The design can include sliding doors to lessen visual clutter in a small area.

Galley Kitchen

If you prefer cooking efficiency, Milano Dezign can help you design a galley kitchen layout.  Galley kitchens are great at maximizing efficiency in small areas. Galley kitchens that are open on both sides can only allow more light to come in and create a feel of being more connected to the rest of the house.

U-Shaped Kitchen

For home cooks that do not want to share the cooking area with other cooks, the U-shaped kitchen is another interesting layout that is designed for one primary cook.  It is quite similar to a wide galley kitchen, with one end closed off. It can limit observers out of the main cooking area while keeping it open to other areas of the home.

G-Shaped Kitchen

An upgraded version of the U-shaped layout, this design is recommended for clients that want to maximize every available kitchen space possible but do not have enough clearance needed around an island.

L-Shaped Kitchen

Clients that love to entertain guests can definitely appreciate the layout’s capability to have more than one cook, allow guests into the cooking area to mingle or have a conversation with during a family dinner or cocktail party.

Kitchen Cabinets

Considered as one of the highlights of any kitchen, cabinets can tie the entire room together and give it a sense of personality. These storage areas combine form and function in order to help define the look of your kitchen. Milano Dezign offers most US brands of cabinets in different designs for you to choose from.

Base Cabinets – They are standard kitchen cabinets seen in many homes and are usually installed beneath countertops. It can be customized in order to increase depth for more storage.

Wall Cabinets – These are usually installed above the stove and kitchen counters. How high they are installed is based on your personal preference.

Tall Cabinets – Used in pantries and offer lots of space for storing different items.

Tiles and Backsplashes

Milano Dezign can offer you an interesting array of backsplashes to brighten up your kitchen. Choose designs ranging from clean minimalistic to vintage. The primary purpose of backsplashes is to provide protection for the walls against water. However, they also provide a good focal point as it can define the style of your kitchen work area, allow your personality to be integrated into the kitchen in order to reflect the mood of your cooking area.

Kitchen Countertops

The primary work area of the kitchen is exemplified by the kitchen countertop. Milano Dezign offers an array of beautiful and elegant materials such as: marble, quartz, mosaic tile, granite and even recycled glass.  Have some more design ideas? We have an interesting array of Cambria quartz that can integrate well with the modern look of your kitchen.

Marble – There is nothing like the subtle sheen of a marble countertop. It exudes an aura of elegance that provides a timeless appeal to your home. The crisp brightness of marble provides a luminous glow that no other material can match. A definite classic and elegant look for your kitchen in Ellicott City.

Quartz – Known for its strength, durability and beauty, quartz countertops is giving granite a run for its money. Quartz countertops are virtually indestructible due to the sophisticated manufacturing process that creates them.  This is a material you want if you prefer a low maintenance countertop. Engineered quartz is composed of natural stone combined with polymer resins.

Mosaic Tile – This is the material you want if you want to create big splashes of vibrant colors in your kitchen. Milano Dezign can provide you with a good collection of mosaic tile patterns that is perfect for your work area. This material works best in contemporary kitchens. The diverse design options using mosaic countertops add a lot of character and uniqueness to your kitchen.

Granite – Definitely one of the most popular material for kitchen countertops. Try walking into any modern kitchen and you’ll see that the number one sought after material is the granite countertop. Known to be strong, durable and elegant looking, granite countertops are also perfectly flat. Great for making cookies or rolling out dough on a flat surface. It is amazingly heat resistant and therefore quite ideal for cooking purposes.

Milano Dezign has everything you need to transform your kitchen from drab to fab. Allow us to help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.