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Kitchen Remodeling: Top Six Reasons Why You Should and How to Budget

Top 6 Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

Let’s talk about the top six reasons why you should consider remodeling your kitchen. 

  • The first reason is of course the beauty. You don’t have a second chance to make a good impression when you invite your family and your guests. Because the kitchen is a place where you almost get together more than ever in the living room or somewhere else, right? That kitchen is your hub, it is a hub for your guests, for your family. You may be spending a lot more time in the kitchen than the other place in your living space. And with a beautiful kitchen you can always greet your family and guests with a classic and elegant style and when you change, when you just wish for a new kitchen that is going to come as a nice perk.
  • The second reason is the lifestyle. Because it’s the heart of your home, you’re cooking, you are spending time with your kids and friends and if you like spending some time in the kitchen it means that room is open to the rest of the living space, it turns into a great family event for everyone. When you expand that space, that heart of your home is going to become a more warm and welcoming place for sure. It definitely has a direct effect on your lifestyle.
  • Our third reason is efficiency. Believe it or not, you’re spending a lot of time in your kitchen, that’s no matter what. And you need that space to be something really functional. That’s about functionality, it’s not about lifestyle or not about beauty, this is just about the functionality. You have to just reach that spice rack or anything that you have on your right hand, when you just try to reach the left-hand side you have to find what you’re looking for. That’s really important for you to use your kitchen in an efficient way. Your dishwasher, your refrigerator, your cooktop, you need some sort of creative ideas to make that space available and also efficient for you.  And guess what? We design our kitchens in the most efficient way, we just want to make sure that when you have a new kitchen design from us, that kitchen is going to work in the best efficiency. And if you have an outdated kitchen, just with the design that we create for you is going to show you how that new kitchen is going to increase the efficiency of your space. You will be preparing a lot of family meals with that kitchen that’s going to give you a little more enthusiasm to go there and spend some more time for sure.
  • The fourth reason is having an Eco-Friendly kitchen. We’re talking about appliances, at Milano Dezign we are not selling appliances for sure but when you change your kitchen of course you will be changing your appliances as well and even you replace your old bulky appliances with energy-efficient ones it’s going to give you a price cut when you’re just paying your bills at the end of the month. Also, the greener feature will make the platform better for sure. Because it’s going to use less energy and you’re going to be saving money right there.
  • The fifth reason is making an investment. Thinking about your kitchen is not an expense, it is an investment. When you’re remodeling your kitchen you’re spending thousands of dollars for this project, right? But you should know that it’s not an expense, it’s an investment because when you add value to a home like a fully updated kitchen, that kitchen will increase the resale value for sure. It’s not about just you spending more time increasing functionality but also that will be increasing the resale value. So that is going to make your home more marketable for sure and it’s definitely a win-win situation for everyone on both ends.
  • Last but not least, the sixth reason is that you deserve better. Think about when you go to a friend’s place and you see a beautiful kitchen there, look at that feeling! You really want to get that kitchen and you want to look at that great kitchen every day. Then you just look at it, and you just say; Wow! You really want it at your own place as well. When your kitchen is stylish and functional and updated, you just take pride in the space and we all know that it’s a focal point of your home and why not treat your kitchen with the respectc it deserves, right? So we’re just going to give your kitchens the respect and yes, you definitely deserve better

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How to Calculate Kitchen Remodeling Costs

We know that homeowners really want to know more about the remodeling budget, and we are going to dive in one by one. But when you look at the overall budget, we can say that 32% of your budget is going to go to cabinetry, and then another 15% is going to be countertops. Of course, this is just an average type of number because for example, if you have an island or peninsula that’s going to increase the numbers. The percentages may vary but again, we’re just talking about an average. Then in addition to that another 14 to 15% for the installation costs. It’s not only the cabinets or countertop type of installation, at the end of the day, you will still be thinking about the lighting and electricity or plumbing. Also if you are making a major change that you need to first break down the walls and make the architectural plans ready and then we can start a remodeling project. So it’s not a good idea to start a design face without that demolition. Also, you need to consider flooring, floor tiles, backsplash the handles. These are maybe the very last things that you need to consider when you’re remodeling your kitchen, but we need to decide that in the beginning. 

We still need some sort of percentage for the overall budget just because flooring and installing the best splash is going to be included with that budget, we need to think about that always. It’s always good to add a 5% for extra, just for a precaution. Let’s go one by one and see a little more in detail. 

When you start to do some research or when you come to our showroom to visit us, you will see different cabinet companies, different cabinet doors, and construction styles. When you change the style, the price changes also. When you’re starting, your personal preferences are the main motivation for us to start your kitchen remodel project. But you still need to know how much it may cost and vary and according to your choices and budget, we need to know kind of how flexible you are. Of course, we will be sending you different examples of door styles and door types but the most important point in this phase is to know your budget and your limits. Different door styles are going to create a different budget at the end of the day, as well as the construction.

How Are Kitchen Cabinets Installed?

Cabinet construction has 2 major different types; partial and full overlay. When you look at the full overlay, you don’t see the frame, you just see the doors. But when it comes to the partial overlay you see a little bit of the frame between the doors and yet that place is going to show you a little bit of the frame. A partial overlay is a little more economical compared to the full overlay cabinets also the partial overlay generally used for more likely classic style. For example, you have something that you’re going to go with. It’s a rental unit and you just want to remodel your rental unit and you’re looking for old cabinetry. You’re not going to go over the high end, you’re not trying to kind of make kind of a really fancy one. Then a partial overlay can be a good choice for you. It’s kind of fit on your budget and is not going to increase anything and the partial really is going to look really nice with that as well, it’s not only the budget, maybe you’re the classic person that you really like classic chemistry and a partial look is going to look more classic. But if you’re a modern person you may think about a shaker style of the full overlay. That’s going to be a more modern look that you’re looking forward to in your kitchen. So this is how it’s going to affect the overall budget when you’re looking at the cabinet construction.

As another cabinet detail, we have finished. We have stained finishes with the glaze and paint, and we have different paint and glaze combinations. Paint finishes may cost a little more than the others because, think about it when you’re painting something, you have more workmanship, right? Because people need to paint that. so it only affects the cost of the cabinetry that we are choosing. If it’s a painted cabinetry we were using in your space it is going to create some sort of a price difference.

We are saying that the all-natural cabinet is more economical than the painted one. But if you are looking overall, yes, we can say that the painted cabinetry usually is a little more kind higher and compared to the natural look. Just because it’s included in another process when they are producing the cabinetry. 

We also have wood species to consider while we are creating the budget. As wood species, we have cherry, maple, equally red oak, rustic alder and quartersawn. All these different cabinets are different. Also, we have many different options in our showroom and also with the samples and everything we will be able to show you. It’s not always possible to combine everything in one shot, because availability is the main thing that we want to show you. We have a great product range where you can find a lot of available products and that order is not the way that you just follow when you’re just starting your project, this is for budgeting purposes. You don’t have to create a recipe, first, you should have some sort of sense of what you’re looking for when you walk in and we will be giving you the best ideas about your projects and selections then you’ll be generating more and more creative kind of ideas to make your kitchen look really well. 

How to Remodel Kitchen Countertops?

Another major is the countertop selection. There are two main different materials; natural stone and engineered stone. Why it is different because for instance; quartz is a man-made stone and it is a little bit higher when you’re compared to granite. But granite is a natural stone, god makes it and when you check the granite you see the slabs are pretty much consistent. After the type difference, we have another diversion from the side of patterns. Material patterns create a difference between them. For instance, the engineered stone is pretty much like a consistent pattern. And one more thing about that is we have some technical advantages. When you just switch to the engineered stone, the chemical resistance level changes. Engineered stones are much more durable. and when you look at the maintenance side, you don’t really need to seal the engineered stone, you need to seal your granite on a regular basis, but engineered stone doesn’t need to be sealed. When you compare pricing, durability, and maintenance, we could say the engineer stones are a better solution for your kitchen. But if you really want to have a look at the natural look for your kitchen, definitely granite is the one way to go for you. You can always consider that as an option. If you have a huge counter space, like more than 55-60 square bits of countertop space, that is going to just make a huge difference between the natural stone and engineered stone. It could be more than $1000 to $3000 difference when you’re looking at the budget at the end of the day. But if you have a small space less than, for instance, 25 or 30 square feet that is not going to kind of affect you a lot. There are various different considerations and options so that you really need to check what you’re looking for, how you have it, and what’s the inventory at the moment of time. 

Again, as a quick wrap-up, if you’re looking for a natural look, granite is a good way. If you’re looking for more durability and functionality and less maintenance with high durability, engineered stone is going to help you along the way.

Where to Start Kitchen Remodeling?

Firstly we need to decide the priority needs, that’s important because we have limitless material options to choose, from the backsplash to wood species, it is like a whole universe. The second thing that you need to choose is the countertop. And from the first phase, your personal style and personal needs will shape your project. For instance; if you want to see some sort of contrast look then you will go with white cabinetry and black countertops or if you want to go with the black cabinetry and if you don’t like any kind of contrast, then you’re going to go with the dark tone countertop as well. So don’t hesitate to ask us questions about it when you just stop by just because that’s how you get started, that’s the main starting point.

Milano Dezign & Build Spring 2021 Specials

We have 10% off for all quartz countertops that are going to include the faucet and sink which are purchased. We do know the importance of the new kitchen, it’s a demonic process that is not easy, it’s going to take weeks, right? It’s not one week of things we cannot do overnight. So we will be the ones who are just giving you the best experience for this. 

And another thing that we offer; A free architectural service with a bit on home edition service. If you are looking to expand your home additions that you have, we will be offering a free architectural service. If you have anything other than the kitchen design and remodeling that is going to help you along the way, you’re gonna save a lot of time. You can go to an architect and spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to do that. We’ll be doing that for free this month for special. It’s special for this month and we want you to take advantage of this. 

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