What are your thoughts on kitchen remodeling? If you’re not sure where to start, read this blog post and we’ll give you a successful strategy for tackling the project. In it, we will cover how to approach kitchen remodeling from start to finish as well as other details that may help make your project easier. Kitchen remodeling is a daunting task for many homeowners. It can be overwhelming to think about where to start and what needs to get done in order to see the results you want. Our goal is not only to show you how to take on this big project but also provide tips that will make it more manageable!


After all these markable reasons convince you, you need to take one step forward. These reasons were just the beginning, right? Now slowly you need to take action. 

As the first step, you need to generate some ideas, you need some more ideas to understand what’s your style. Because finding your style is the first step of your kitchen remodeling project. You need to find your style first, you need to generate some ideas and see different shape options because your kitchen style will also reflect your personality and taste. It’s important that your kitchen style will match your style. Whenever you see it you should feel close and happy about it, not regret it. 

While you are researching you need to collect images. There are a lot of websites like; Houzz, HomeAdvisor, etc. We know that there are so many different styles and pictures, but when you go to our website, our website is a complete catalog that you can see all the pictures, different kitchen styles, different styles from different cabinetmakers. We classified that in a really nice and tidy kind of look that you will be able to see all the different kitchens in one place and that is going to give you an idea. So in order to generate some ideas, go to our gallery.

Also when you visit our website, you will see that we have different material options, different cabinet styles, and brands. In order to give you different level options we work with a bunch of different brands because we know that every kitchen is unique and every style, budget is different. 


Those are some of the brands that we are selling; 

  • Fabuwood: Fabuwood is another cabinet company that we are proud to work for. They have great cabinets and they offer beauty and functionality together.
  • North craft: We also have Northcraft which is really nice with quality options.
  • It’s not only kitchen cabinets, by the way, we also have the countertop section that we can introduce to you.
  • Also, there are different styles and different materials, when you try to choose something you may feel overwhelmed but no worries. We do know what goes with another, we do know how to match them. We can even predict how it’s going to catch the eye and how it’s going to kind of create a nice design at the end of the day. So no worries about that for sure.


It’s not always the cabinet and countertop; we also have complementary details such as; backsplash, flooring, and accessories. And always it’s something that you do need to consider. For example, if you’re looking for a double sink, we need to know that and it’s going to be something for us to understand during the remodeling process. If you’re looking for a single thing, that’s far more, and even your faucet is something that you need to consider before having your kitchen remodeling done. In short, you really need to know what you are looking at, what are the details. Not only sink, flooring or tile, also backsplash is important. Think about your white countertop with the kind of a gray backsplash or kind of in order to create more contrast, a little bit of a black countertop with a white backsplash. You need to decide these details before you start your renovation process because when you decide your style and colors the whole project will shape around it. Also, you need to make these preferences, you need to think about the functionality. Because let’s say, you like a lot of details on your backsplash, then you can go with the custom mosaics, but if you really don’t want to go there and clean it every day, you have to make it a little more kind of a plane look, it’s always easy to clean. These details will shape your options and selections. It’s all about the way that you’re looking at your kitchen. Your details are not limited by only your backsplash or accessories, you also need to pick your flooring. You can prefer a little more kind of 24 by 24 if it’s an available space because it’s going to support that big kitchen look, but if it’s a small space but not a lot of natural light that we can consider 12 by 12 when you’re looking at your flooring. The pricing is not going to change a lot, it’s sure that there’s a slight difference, but it’s not going to change a lot. Don’t worry that you are going to be overwhelmed, we will guide you from the first step to the end step.

Milano DeZign & Build

Credit: Fabuwood


What happens from day one till the day that you just receive your updated kitchen?

First and first you have to make up your mind and create your budget. You may have a $500,000 budget or maybe $30,000. You never know what’s going to happen when you’re looking at your situation. Your personal preferences and your personality will shape your project and give you the best kitchen. But it’s always important to have an idea about your budget.

Then the next step is coming to our showroom and talking to a kitchen designer. We have three options; showroom appointment and Zoom appointment and home visit appointment. For some zip codes, we can come and visit your place in your own space. You can book your home visit, it’s not available for the whole area, but for some zip codes that are available. Or if you want to come to one of our showrooms. It’s always possible to kind of come in and have a look at what you need before rough measurements. You don’t even need a contractor kind of experience, just give us a wall to wall measurement, if you have a refrigerator on the other side take that and maybe the walls of the window wall to the other side window. Just all about this, that’s what we need. Also maybe the appliances. We do know that most of the stones are 30 inches or so. Your dishwasher is going to be 20 or 24, just look at it and just tell us. Because when we are giving you an estimate, we just want to make this estimate as accurate as possible.

After setting your appointment and getting your measurements we’re going to design. This phase is not available for Zoom because we can always show different samples and talk about your style according to your choice. So you have to come and we have to see in person because we need to talk about that a lot. No worries. 

The following step is finalizing your plans. How do you finalize your plans? For example, we give you a quote, and if you believe that is in your budget you confirm it, then if you confirm the budget we’re going to come to your place, we’re going to make the final measurements. We need to see what that rough measurement is going to turn into and we’re going to make these final measurements for you. Then we’re going to come back to our office and make the final cut. That’s going to be the final decision and we are going to give you the final touches and after all, if the project is okay with you, you’re going to finalize that. And then when we have the initial payment that we’re going to go ahead and talk about the delivery because we’re going to confirm that you ordered your cabinets. That should usually be 3 to 4 weeks, sometimes it’s 2 to 3 weeks or sometimes it’s more than 6 to 7 weeks and maybe more. It’s all about the availability, but we are pretty fast about that for sure.

When we have the cabinetry ready, the installation is going to start. We’re going to do something really interesting in this phase because we don’t really need your whole cabinetry ready to start the countertop installation. Because when you have your base cabinetry ready, our countertop team is going to go there and see what we are doing and going to template it. 

Then they are going to start cutting the stone final measurements because they cannot go with estimated drawings, then we’re going to do the countertop installation. Probably your cabinet installation is going to be done right at the same time as the countertop installation. After all, the backsplash, flooring, and all other details will be installed. 

As the last step, you are ready to enjoy your kitchen! Everything is going to be ready and everything is going to be ready to use its time to unpack and you enjoy congratulations, you have your kitchen ready.

When you look at these six steps one by one, designing is just one day, give us one day working, we’re going to uh book your appointment, then walk in and then we’re just going to talk about that. In the next few days, we’re going to schedule another visit to your place to see the final measurements and then we’re going to order the cabinets. Then in the first phase installation usually takes about a week and countertop installation, it’s another week to come and do the template into the cut and come and bring and install it. So, this is how we work, we are sure that you may have different questions along the way, no worries because we will be answering all your questions and you’ll be feeling much more comfortable when you’re working with us.


We’re Milano Dezign & Build, we are founded by interior designers, and architects, that’s the best part of our company. We are not like the kind of a regular entrepreneur that just started a business on the corner. We exactly do know what we are doing and we love what we do. We have almost more than 10 years of experience and you can see our reviews on Google that are great reviews that people are just giving us. When our customers are happy with their result they want to show their appreciation and they want to show our quality work to our next customers so they are giving great reviews for us. Not only Google My Business but you can also check different platforms, we have great reviews on different platforms. Also, we’re a professional license in your area as well. So whatever you’re looking for a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel or all other home editions that you have we have a bunch of them that offer a bunch of different services here.


Our client’s customer testimony is really important for us. Because these are based on experience, these are the things that the experience in the past. On our website, you can see some great examples of our client testimonials. You can see many more different things, our customers like to share their opinion and show some appreciation.

We want to get your perfect review after the job is done, that’s our primary purpose because we want you to feel good, comfortable when you are working with us. 


It depends on how they are being used and the construction that you have. How many people are using them? Do you have a mass-produced cabinet or semi-custom or do you have something that’s truly made like furniture pieces that are going to last longer? It’s a much better construction. There’s a lot that goes into that. One thing is, you have the cabinet sides, you need to look and be aware of how thick they are as well as the material that has been used. You can have the same brand of the hinge, but it does not make them all equal. At this point we say, buyer beware! Because you have to do your research or work with a reputable firm that’s going to stand behind it and has vetted these companies and can educate you. Because there are so many variables. 

It’s not like you can look online and decide. You are relying on professionals that can educate you to help walk you through those differences. The box construction, the drawers, the guides, the hinges, and the warranty are the important details you need to be aware of. 

Also, you need to keep in mind that it’s not a one-size-fits-all. Remodeling is something that is customized for you.