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How To Create A Cozy Fireplace Design

How To Create A Cozy Fireplace Design

How To Create A Cozy Fireplace Design

Come winter, your fireplace will see a lot of action! Not only is your home’s fireplace a great source of warmth (and lower electricity bills in winter), a charming fireplace can add a lot of character to a space, regardless of where it’s located. A quick home décor search on Social Media will provide you with tons of fireplace photos of beautifully decorated fireplaces and mantles!

A cozy fireplace can make statement, giving a room much needed character. So if you’re looking to have a cozy fireplace, here are some design tips to enhance its overall look!

1. Illuminate the Fireplace with Proper Lighting

Providing proper lighting above or around your fireplace can make it appear cozier. This can be done with candles, wall scone lights or even small lamps that fit on the mantle. To give the mantle a balanced feel, make sure to add a light source on each end so that it doesn’t throw off the symmetry.

2. Display Art Pieces on Your Mantle

Your fireplace mantle is prime real estate space for a number of things, including artwork! Either attach the art piece to the wall space above the fireplace or display the work of art in a frame and stand it on your mantle. Stand it on the mantle at an angle so that friends and family can partake in its beauty when sitting around your cozy fireplace. For an elevated look, you can also place a few smaller paintings on the mantle, having them overlap. This creates more depth for your fireplace, adding more charm to a focal point in the room.

3. Create Balance with Décor

Just as you’d want to create balance with lighting options, designing a fireplace with balance in mind will add a sense of calmness to the space. To achieve, draw an imaginary line with your vision and then decorate with coordinating pieces on each side so that it’s balanced. Although you don’t have to be perfectly symmetrical, finding a good balance can really heighten the overall look you’re trying to achieve.

4. Remodel your Fireplace

If your fireplace isn’t what you want, you can always choose to remodel it! Get rid of ugly red brick or create a larger mantle if you’d like or design something else all together! When people think of home improvement projects, their fireplace isn’t usually something they think of changing. But if the fireplace is in a room that’s used a lot (like a family or living room), fireplace remodeling to your desired specifications will enhance the overall look of the space.

5. Come up with a Theme

If you’re having a hard time figuring out how to decorate your fireplace so that it’s cozy and charming, you should first come up with a theme and then work from there. If you like the chic farmhouse look, choose items that fit that theme. Or maybe you prefer vintage pieces and want to decorate the fireplace using antique items. Working with a theme makes it much easier to style your fireplace so that it follows the style of the room and your personal décor preferences.

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