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Champagne Bronze And Matte Black Fixtures Are Becoming Popular

Trends always come and go, so if you’re one that follows interior design trends, you might want to know about two big trends in fixtures right now: champagne bronze and matte black fixtures! Both options can really make a boring or dull kitchen or bathroom back to life! Figuring out which one is right for your depends on your current kitchen style and your preference. But if you’re doing a kitchen or bathroom remodel, you have a blank slate, so here are some things to know about both trends so that you can choose rich one works best for your fixtures:

Champagne Bronze

Metallic shine is always a good thing when it comes to fixtures. Right now, Champagne bronze is huge and for a good reason! It’s a beautiful color that adds some soft flair to dark bronze, making it ideal to pair with a white kitchen. It’s an elegant way to add some modern touches to your kitchen (or even bathroom). It’s the perfect option for when gold seems too flashy or bronze is just to dark and antique looking. It’s the best of both metallic and looks great with any style of kitchen or bathroom. Champagne bronze is still flashy enough to get noticed, but nothing over-the-top. But it’s not as dark as bronze, but still has that bold look.

Bronze fixtures can often look muted and antique, but champagne bronze is newer and more vibrant. The brownish gold of bronze might not work with every kitchen or bathroom décor style, but champagne bronze definitely does! Another great benefit of the fixture color is that it pairs well with other fixtures if you’re looking to use others, too. Designers usually frown upon mixing metals, but it’s something that doesn’t necessarily always end up looking bad, especially if you have such an appealing fixture in the color of Champagne bronze!

Matte Black

Although metallics have always been popular kitchen and bathroom fixtures, matte black is making a huge statement, causing many to go with the monochromatic color. Matte black is both edgy and classic, giving a modern look to any kitchen or bathroom. Although it’s not as flashy as a bronze or gold fixture, it’s still a bold choice when it comes to fixtures. Although it’s classic, it is still modern and industrial, making it ideal for those that want something totally different for their remodel.

The great thing about matte black fixtures is that you can easily pair with a wide variety of hues. They always look fresh, shape and new, so you don’t have to worry about them looking old or outdated in the future. Trust us, it’s a trend that will definitely stick around!

So in the end, it really depends on what sort of style you ultimately want for your bathroom or kitchen remodel. But you can’t go wrong with either fixture trend!

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