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5 Steps to Take When Remodeling a Newly Purchased Home

Finding the perfect property when house-hunting can be tough. Sometimes it’s easier—and more affordable—to buy a home that doesn’t meet all your requirements, and then undertake home remodeling to get it just right. To ensure a seamless process, follow the tips below.

A Checklist for Remodeling a Newly Bought Property

  1. Determine Costs

Make a list of all the changes you ideally would like to make to the property. Then, figure out what these renovations will cost—and decide what you can and can’t realistically afford. A remodeling contractor can provide estimates.

  1. Make a Priority-Driven Plan

Once you’ve decided what home remodeling projects you can afford, create a plan. If you want to move into your new home immediately, you don’t want to tear the entire place apart—you need to keep essential parts of the house livable, such as leaving at least one bathroom unoccupied. Prioritize your projects in terms of importance.

  1. Check the Needed Building Permits

Ideally, you will have checked what renovations are possible before purchasing a home. Major home remodeling projects, like an addition, will require building permits and may be subject to zoning regulations. A remodeling contractor can help you determine what’s possible.

  1. Get a Loan

If you’re planning to finance the home remodeling with borrowed cash, line up the liquidity before starting the project. Depending on the type of loan, you may need documentation from housing inspectors and appraisers.

For example, an FHA 203(k) loan requires a consultant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to approve your plans.

  1. Find a Competent Contractor

An unprofessional contractor can result in project delays. Hire a professional with excellent references and a strong project portfolio. Also, ask how much of the work they do themselves versus how much they outsource. Outsourcing can result in confusion and delays because it requires coordinating different people from different teams.

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For questions, call (973) 980-5335. They have two locations:

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