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3 Tips for Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Undertaking a kitchen remodeling project involves making many decisions. One of the most important is deciding on the perfect kitchen cabinets, which greatly impact the space’s look and style. To help you choose cabinet colors, sizes, styles and features, keep these tips in mind while working with your designer.

How to Choose the Perfect Cabinets for Your Kitchen 

  1. Fix What You Don’t Like 

Kitchen remodeling is all about making your kitchen more functional and attractive. The best place to start when choosing cabinets is to correct whatever you didn’t like about your old cabinets. Write a list of your issues, like if you have difficulty reaching your upper cabinets, and your designer will help.

  1. Make Organization a Priority 

Nothing is more frustrating than searching for utensils or pantry items in disorganized cabinets. You can solve this problem by focusing your kitchen remodeling project on organization.

You might replace some of the lower cabinets with drawers to maximize space and keep items organized. You could also incorporate sliding shelves or message centers into your cabinets to increase efficiency.

  1. Match the Style to Your Home 

Since cabinets are a focal point of your kitchen, matching the style to the rest of the room and your home is important. In general, cabinets with ornate detailing, like raised panels and beadwork, are more traditional, where flat panel cabinets tend to create a contemporary look. In addition to the door panel style, the material, color, and finish also influence the style.

Wood cabinets are the most common, but stainless steel, melamine, or metal are also options in a contemporary kitchen. The hardware also influences the style. The handles, knobs, and hinges you select can make the cabinets appear elegant and formal or casual and rustic. Try different options to find the one that works best in your space.

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