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3 Remodeling Tips to Make a Bathroom More Senior-Friendly

Older people can encounter several obstacles when navigating the bathroom, including slippery floors, inaccessible tubs and showers, and difficulty getting in and out of seated positions. Fortunately, you can remodel a bathroom to be more senior-friendly and ensure the safety of anyone who utilizes the room. If your senior loved one needs to improve their home or you want to make yours more accommodating to them, here are a few bathroom remodeling tips.

What Are Some Features of Senior-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling?

  1. Install Bars & Rails

Grab bars and rails can be easily integrated into any bathroom remodeling design. These features should be installed wherever there is a greater fall risk, particularly alongside toilets and in areas with slick floors like showers and tubs.

Maximum effectiveness and safety, place bars within easy reach along all three walls of a shower insert. If possible, install them at two different positions along a tub, one reachable at a standing position and the other accessible from a seated one.

  1. Choose a Zero-Threshold Shower or Walk-In Tub

A zero-threshold shower is a senior-friendly option for older individuals with mobility issues. There’s a uniform surface into and out of the shower, with no bump, curb, or high wall to try to surmount, making it ideal for those with walkers or wheelchairs.

A shower seat that folds down from the wall will help your loved one feel comfortable and more secure once inside. If they prefer baths, consider a walk-in tub with a swinging door for easy entrance and exit.

  1. Design Accessible Storage

Bathrooms must contain storage spaces for towels, grooming tools, and other toiletries. Most bathrooms also have medicine cabinets for storing prescriptions, vitamins, and other essentials.

Be sure these storage solutions are within easy reach for your senior loved one. That might mean mounting cabinets at lower heights, selecting large knobs or handles to make drawers easier to open and close, and putting towel racks at positions comfortable for someone in a wheelchair or walker.

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